Optimal Health & Fulfilling Relationships for Adventurous Adults

Embrace Your Unique Wellness Journey with Mindful Passions International

Welcome! At Mindful Passions International, we understand that your health and relationships are unique. We're here to support you on your journey toward better physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Whether you're exploring:

  • Primal Lifestyle
  • Cannabis for Wellness
  • Mental Health First Aid Training
  • Kinky or Polyamorous Relationships

We've got your back!

With over 20 years of experience, our team is dedicated to making you feel understood, valued, and empowered. We celebrate who you are and where you're going. Let's break societal norms together and create a world where sex-positivity and kink are integral parts of wellness. Your journey deserves extraordinary support!

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"Because your one wild & precious life deserves special attention." - Caress

Tailored Health & Relationship Coaching for Kinksters

Are you part of a lifestyle community? Looking for tailored coaching? You're in the right place!

We offer:

  • Over 20 years of mentoring experience
  • Certifications in Primal Health, Cannabis Wellness, Consensual Non-Monogamy, and more

We blend kink and sex-positivity into health discussions because you deserve to be seen and valued.

Soothe & Satisfy: Break Free from Emotional Eating

Find Peace with Food and Emotions

Personalized support for healthier coping mechanisms

Educational resources for emotional resilience

A supportive community to improve your well-being

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Empowered Connections: Navigating Kinky & Poly Relationships

Embrace Your True Self with Confidence

Advocate for your lifestyle with reduced stigma

Enjoy clearer communication and harmonious relationships

Gain confidence and reduce shame

Achieve a balanced, sustainable lifestyle

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Mental Health First Aid Certification

Equip Yourself with Vital Skills

Learn about mental health and substance use issues

Benefit from a self-led digital portion and live session

Acquire essential skills to support yourself and others

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Meet Caress Fitch, PHC, IPHM

I'm Caress Fitch, founder of Mindful Passions International LLC. After retiring from over 20 years in software engineering to manage my chronic health condition, I saw a gap in support for people in alternative relationships. My partner Andy and I started this journey to help folks lead healthier, fuller lives.


  • Certified Primal Health Coach
  • Certified Cannabis and Wellness Coach
  • Certified Habit Coach
  • Certified Consensual Non-Monogamy Coach
  • Certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor
  • Certified Professional Life Coach
  • BDSM Educator

Our mission is to empower you by integrating kink and sex-positivity into health discussions. We envision a world where holistic health is celebrated, and societal norms expand to honor your wellness journey.

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Writer & Kinkster
You can be your full self...
You can be your full self and talk with Caress about anything from food, to relationships to sex. It's all connected.
Eric Testimonial Avatar
Coach & Kinkster
Our complex dynamic is still making us feel loved
My partners and I have monthly "maintenance sessions" with Caress, which have been impactful and important, every time we've met. And, the facilitated discussions and Caress's expertise still brings us closer, even after months of progress. Thanks, Caress, for making sure all of us get to share what's going on with us and how our complex dynamic is still making us feel loved and cared about. There are no roadmaps for a poly relationship, so we appreciate your expertise and love.
Coach & Kinkster
I feel like this is something I built and can maintain
Caress worked with me to figure out exactly the right kind of self-care and exercise to help me not be in pain, in such an empowering way, so that I feel like this is something I built and can maintain.
Designer & Kinkster
I love your services
I love your services. They are actionable, strategic and most of all self paced.