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Decades in Tech, A Lifetime of Personal Discovery

For over 20 years, I delved into the world of software engineering – a realm of logical reasoning, troubleshooting, and crafting solutions.

But beneath the surface of code and systems, I grappled with my own challenges – a chronic pain that accompanied me throughout my career.

It was during these times that a hobby, a sanctuary emerged, gradually becoming a beacon leading me to my next chapter.

Where Analytical Precision Meets Holistic Wellness

Transitioning from software engineering to wellness coaching might seem like a leap.

Yet, both are about understanding intricate systems, be it code or the human psyche, and finding tailored solutions.

Today, I merge my analytical prowess from the tech world with a deep passion for holistic wellness and relationship coaching.

The result? A unique approach that blends precision with empathy, ensuring our journey together is both insightful and transformative.

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A Spectrum of Expertise for Holistic Well-being

Relationships, to me, are at the core of our overall health. They should be co-created, free from societal constraints, and tailored to individual needs. Drawing from a diverse array of certifications – from Primal Health Coaching to BDSM education – I offer a holistic approach that caters to the open-minded, curious, kink-positive, and cannabis-friendly.

Certified Primal Health Coach

Kink and Polyamory Positive

Certified Cannabis Health Coach

Paths Tailored to Your Authentic Wellness

Primal Health Coaching + Cannabis for Wellness and Performance

Delve into the primal elements of your health, complemented by the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. This is about optimizing your wellness in an authentic and holistic manner.

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Relationship and Intimacy Coaching

Dive into a space where relationships and intimacy are co-created, liberated from societal constraints. Whether you're exploring new dimensions of your relationships, seeking deeper connections, or addressing challenges, I'm here to guide and empower.

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Drawing from a World of Expertise for Holistic Wellness

My journey has led me through a mosaic of certifications, each adding a unique color to how I approach relationships and well-being. From understanding the primal aspects of our health to diving deep into the realms of our erotic preferences & wiring to psychological kink, I bring a wealth of diverse expertise to our sessions.

Whether you're exploring designer relationships, seeking to intertwine Cannabis with wellness, or venturing into the dynamics of BDSM, my coaching is rooted in openness, curiosity, and a dedication to your unique path.

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Join Me on a Unique Wellness Odyssey

With a foundation in analytical problem-solving and a heart anchored in holistic wellness, I invite you to redefine and rediscover health and intimacy on your terms.

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We envision a world that recognizes and embraces the diversity of human desires and relationships, where folks can freely explore their authentic selves without judgment or shame.

Building Bridges Through Understanding & Acceptance

At Mindful Passions International LLC, every individual's uniqueness is celebrated. Our commitment to fostering an environment of inclusivity and warmth is unwavering. As we guide clients on their journeys, we mandate adherence to our Non-Discrimination Policy:


  • Inclusivity at Our Core: We prohibit any form of discrimination, whether based on race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, medical condition, neurodivergence, mental health diagnosis, marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, or military status.
  • Championing Diversity & Equity: Our belief is steadfast - diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are pillars that elevate our mission. We cherish the varied backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives every individual brings. To collaborate with us is to honor and uphold these principles. Any breach of our non-discrimination policy will not be tolerated.

Join us in creating a world where every individual feels seen, heard, and valued.