Cannabis and CBD Wellness

Cannabis Health Coaching: Your Pathway to Holistic Wellness

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Are you looking for a more holistic approach to health and wellness?

I never expected my health coaching career would include becoming a Cannabis Health Coach, but this unexpected detour (and my own chronic pain journey) has made me an expert in incorporating Cannabis as a tool for optimal well-being. Here are the key things you should know:

  • Cannabis Health Coaches tailor your wellness plans to address individual needs and goals.
  • Cannabis Health Coaching does not replace traditional medical…

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CBD and Mindful Masturbation: A Match Made in Sexual Heaven | 18 Apr 2023

CBD & Mindful Masturbation

What is mindful masturbation?

Mindful masturbation is the practice of being present and fully engaged in your solo sexual experiences. It involves paying attention to your body, breathing, and sensations in a non-judgmental way. By practicing mindful masturbation, you can learn more about yourself sexually and develop a better relationship with your body.

Author Annie Sprinkle describes mindful masturbation as "a way of loving yourself that is respectful, kind, compassionate and connected." By…

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A Wellness Revolution: Why Cannabis Should Be Part of Your Routine | 19 Jul 2022

A Wellness Revolution: Why Cannabis Should Be Part of Your Routine

Jul 19 Written By Caress Fitch

July is not only the "Dog Days of Summer," but it's also National Hemp Month, and there's no better time to learn about how hemp can improve your health and wellbeing. Hemp is a type of cannabis plant, and, if you're like many folks, the word "cannabis" probably brings to mind images of hippies, tie-dye shirts, and Bob Marley. But lately, cannabis is having a moment in the mainstream.

Wait a seco…

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