Discover the Joy of Pleasure Practices with Mindful Passions

Transform Your Life With Pleasure Practices

Are you tired of life's monotony? Do you believe happiness should be a daily pursuit, not just a weekend indulgence? If so, welcome to the world of Pleasure Practices at Mindful Passions International!

Here, we break free from the ordinary. We reject the cycle of deadlines and duties, diving headfirst into the extraordinary. We're not your average wellness and love coaching practice. We're rebels in the holistic health scene, and today, we're introducing you to Pleasure Practices – your gateway t…

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Unlock the BLISS Blueprint: Achieve Balance and Beat Burnout

Unlock the BLISS Blueprint Achieve Balance and Beat Burnout

Unlocking the Power of the BLISS Blueprint for Sustained Performance Optimization

Ever feel like you're juggling too many balls, and they're all about to drop? 😰 You're not alone. Many of us live life in the fast lane, constantly on the edge of burnout. But what if there was a way to achieve balance and well-being without sacrificing your performance?

Welcome to the BLISS Blueprint! 🌈✨ This isn't just another wellness fad. It's a holistic framework designed to help you thrive, focusing on five key…

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Unlock Your BLISS: The Ultimate Blueprint for Holistic Well-Being

Unlock Your BLISS A Holistic Blueprint for Sustainable Performance and Well-Being

Ever feel like life’s a chaotic whirlwind, and you're just trying to hang on?

😵‍💫 We get it.

Let's talk about BLISS. No, not that fleeting moment of happiness. We’re talking about the BLISS Blueprint—a holistic framework designed to optimize your performance and well-being.

What's the BLISS Blueprint?

It's a game-changer. 🚀


  • Bedtime: Sleep & Rest to Recover

  • Laughter: Play & Cultivate Joy

  • Intimacy: Love & Be Loving

  • Savor: Enjoy with Intention

  • Stride: Move to Thrive

Let's break it down, so y…

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Introducing Hedonic Wellness

Blog Hedonic Wellness

Have you ever considered that pleasure could be the missing key to your wellness puzzle?

Where wellness is equated with rigorous diets, grueling workouts, and stringent routines, the idea of pleasure as a fundamental aspect of health might sound radical—maybe even a bit rebellious. But what if the secret to lasting well-being isn’t just about discipline and denial but about embracing joy and satisfaction in our everyday lives?

You’re not alone if you’ve found yourself disillusioned by wellness tre…

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Transform Your Life Together: Affordable Coaching for Wellness and Relationships

Transform Your Life Together

Are you tired of feeling like holistic wellness and intimacy coaching services are out of reach? Do you long for a more inclusive approach that acknowledges the importance of relationships in your journey towards well-being? If so, you're in the right place.

Prioritizing health and fostering meaningful connections has never been more critical. Yet traditional coaching models often have hefty price tags, making them inaccessible to many. Plus One Pricing is a revolutionary approach that's changing…

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Unlocking Deeper Connections: The Ultimate Guide to Relationship Journaling

relationship journaling ultimate guide feature image tiny

This article delves into the transformative power of relationship journaling, providing insights and practical steps to deepen connections with oneself and others. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Relationship journaling enhances self-awareness, communication, and problem-solving skills in personal and shared relationships.

  • Starting a journaling practice requires choosing a suitable medium, establishing a routine, and adopting a no-pressure approach to writing.

  • Sharing insights from journaling can stren…

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Unlocking Meal Pattern Magic: How to Plan and Enjoy Infinite Healthy Meals

Unlocking Meal Pattern Magic Feature tiny

Are you tired of the same old meals day after day? Do you find yourself dreading the task of meal planning because it feels monotonous and uninspiring? You're not alone! Many people need help developing new and exciting meal ideas while ensuring they meet their nutritional needs. But fear not because there's a solution that can revolutionize your approach to meal planning and bring back the joy of eating.

Meal Pattern Planning is a revolutionary approach to meal planning that combines structure…

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Understanding Personal Poisons: How to Identify and Mitigate Your Unique Wellness Challenges

What’s a Personal Poison Feature

Diving into the concept of Personal Poisons offers a unique lens through which to view and improve our holistic well-being. Here are the key takeaways from our exploration:

  • Personal Poisons extend beyond food allergies, encompassing any substance, situation, or emotion that diminishes your health and happiness.
  • Identifying your Personal Poisons involves tuning into your body's signals, experimenting with lifestyle changes, and being mindful of your emotional well-being.
  • Managing Personal Po…

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Micro-Rejections Erode Relationships: How Small Acts Impact Love

How Micro-Rejections Erode Relationships (And What You Can Do About It) 💔

(updated: 21 Jul 2024)

Ever felt a sharp sting from a seemingly insignificant comment or action from your partner? These subtle, often unintentional slights, known as micro-rejections, can slowly chip away at the foundation of any relationship, causing unseen damage over time. For kinksters, queers & other beautiful weirdos, understanding and addressing these micro-rejections is crucial for nurturing healthy, supportive partnerships.

Understanding Micro-Rejections

Micro-rejections are minor, everyd…

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Sex Coaching: Elevate Your Relationship through Intimacy

Sex and Relationship Coaching What's Included tiny

(Image: Mindful Passions International LLC, 2021, All Rights Reserved.)

Unlock the hidden potential of your relationship with sex coaching! 

“Relationshipping” is a skill. Because I grew up watching bad examples of relationships, I set out as an adult to learn how to have good relationships - and I failed miserably … until I hired my first intimacy coach!

Whether you're seeking to reignite the spark, improve communication, or explore new levels of pleasure, sex coaching offers a safe and non-…

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